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Frank 2014  72"Frank Crispo" started out in the earlier years as a hard working general contractor specializing in alterations, additions and concrete work. Frank is also a excellent stone mason. In these early years, and as time went on, the concrete work was always seasonal. That is when Frank realized that he needed to do something else to fill in the winter months. Frank got a great idea and started cleaning out houses. He decided to call his new business, "Franks Trash Removal Service". That is exactly what he did. For Frank... it turned out to be a very good idea. Frank's new clean out business did so well that Frank decided to give up the contracting business. He loves what he does best and that

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is trash picking, collecting and selling his finds. Frank's Trash Removal Service is offered to all kinds of businesses such as various types of General Contractors, Realtor's, Commercial Properties and of course, all of the Residential customers. This is how the idea of Country Picking  began and how Frank became known as "The Country Picker". He loves to pick through all the stuff! Frank says... it is like a flea market on the job. Frank is always surprised in what he finds! It is so amazing to him what people throw away. Oh yes, Frank brings home to Judy the very special things he finds. You should see what Judy does with some of these beautiful things. Frank also donates a lot of things to many different types of organizations in the area.


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Frank and Judy Crispo, now being "Senior Citizens"  themselves in these later years are enjoying their time they spend together. Judy says....we are so fortunate and blessed to have made it together this far! Frank and Judy have become known as Mr. and Mrs. "Country Picker"  in their local area. Frank and his wife Judy like to hunt and pick all over their area and find the goodies! Frank and Judy also love to go to flea markets, garage sales, auctions and the like. The surprise is that you never know what you are going to find! Sometimes it can be a real surprise! But, cleaning out houses is where Frank finds the good stuff. With the great antique finds he acquires in all of his clean out work, he then goes to auctions and many other various types of dealers who want to buy his antiques and many other found items he collects. Frank always seems to have a buyer for everything that he acquires. They also love getting involved with the music of Frank's new group called the "Senior Power Explosion" . Frank has been so great to be able to spend more time together with his old band buddies. Judy says....the wives too! Recently, Frank and Judy put on several venues in the local area with "Great" Success!


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Frank Crispo has a daughter (Cheryl Hughes) two sons (Frank Crispo the third and Ronald Crispo). Frank is also a very proud grandfather of seven wonderful grandchildren. Judy has two children (Ken and Chris) and two grandchildren. Frank loves and enjoys his family very much! Frank and his wife Judy have been married for 42 years. "WOW"! Who knew! Frank and Judy are really enjoying their life together in their new found interests. Frank and his boys like to spend time with their dad and join in on the fun for the hunt of the unique and unusual antique finds. Young Frank and Ron Crispo like to think of themselves as a "Country Picker" .... just like their dad !! Frank now has two Grandson's that are now coming into the age of being little "Country Pickers" just like their "Grandpop". Only one can hope! Time will tell!


Frank has always loved music his entire life. The era he grew up in was Rock and Roll. It wasn't until the later years in life when Frank grew to love country music. Years ago Frank had a band and they played all around the local area, including the Buck Hotel, Casa Conti, and many other places including venues and all types of private parties. Frank has reunited with his old band members and are now called Frank Crispo "The Country Picker"  and "The Senior Power Explosion". Frank likes to think of himself as an advocate for the "Senior Citizens". All of the guys are really having a wonderful time being reunited, playing music, making videos, writing some songs and recording them in a music studio. Life is to short at it's very longesr! Have fun and enjoy!


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I have been married to my wife Judy for forty two years and we are now having fun being "Senior Citizens". We really find it hard to believe that we are now "Senior Citizens", but it is true! Judy and I really do have a lot of fun being known as... "Mr. and Mrs. Country Picker" in our local area because of the business we are in. Yes, we are in the Trash Removal business which offers a service of house clean outs, all types of businesses, out side property clean-up and small demolition! That is "who we are"! My wife and I are doing what we really love to do in these later years. Our trash business is not work to us, but it is just a lot of fun. I guess you really could call us, The Trash Pickers. My wife and I have met so many nice people over the years. Some have even become our friends.


I am not only known to be a "Country Picker"  who loves his work, his family and friends, I also have a great love for music. Me and my old band buddies from years ago, got back together again for a while with a band called "The Senior Power Explosion". Because we are Senior Citizens. It makes sense, doesn't it? After all, we are Senior Citizens, too! We had a great time playing music. But, I am sorry to say, for now, due to some unfortunate circumstances, we had to take some time off.


Judy and I say that the "Senior Citizen" years just get better and better everyday for us. Especially, because we are together! You must always try to keep a possitive attitude, enjoy your family, be well, and be happy, too! That is what we do adn it works!


 Frank Loves What He Finds


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Showing Some Collectable Finds!


Over the many years of working in our Trash Removal Service, and cleaning out a lot of the residential homes, we have come across a lot of items and unusual interesting antique finds. I really like picking through the stuff and bringing the "Goodies" right on home to my wife, Judy. It is really amazing what you come across when you are cleaning out a house. Some of our customers just want to give you things. My wife Judy really does love decorating our home with some of these unusual but beautiful items and or antique finds. All of our family and friends are just amazed at what Frank finds on the job. I am always looking for that one very special thing for my girl Judy. Everyone cannot believe some of the good things that people really don't want anymore and they just throw it away. Everyone cannot get over how Judy can take some of these things and how she can incorporate them into her style of decor. We love it! We are very happy being together and doing what we love! I guess that is why we are "The Country Pickers".


Frank Loves What He Does


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Frank Crispo is always on the job!

I have always been a businessman in the community, and am very well known as "The Country Picker". I have a Trash Removal Company and that what I do for a living, along with the helping hand of my better half, Judy. Judy and I have also been working together in our"Trash Removal Service" business for many years. We have worked very hard over the may years to build our business into what it is today. I am known all over the local area as the "Country Picker", because of being in the Trash Remoal business. You know, just picking through the trash. I provide my clean out services to estates, residential and commercial work, plus so much more. My Trash Removal Service  specializes clean out service to all types of General Contractors, Realtors, Property Management Companies, and the homeowner. If you do need to have something cleaned out, cleaned up, hauled away and disposed of, then I am the man for you to call. I will get the job done and it will be done right!! You will be glad you contacted "Frank 's Trash Removal Service"  for all of your clean up needs!









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God Bless The Senior Citizens! 


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