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 "RICH BOSCO"  is a very musically talented and a natural born musician, especially when it comes to playing the keyboard. Rich Bosco is also, a very kind hearted and easy going guy, too! Rich was born in Easton, Pennsylvania. He now resides in Perkasie, Pennsylvania with his lovely wife Wendy. Rich and his wife Wendy have been married for over twenty years and they have two children.
When Rich was a little boy he had an older sister who was taking piano lessons and this stimulated great interest in Rich to want to play the piano too. Rich was about the age of five years old when he began to take his piano lessons. As time went on his music abiities just soared. Music was very much alive in the Bosco family. Many of his aunts and uncles had a piano in the home. While growing up, whenever there would be a holiday celebration or just a family get together at a relatives home, everyone would gather around the piano and a lot of singing would be going on.


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As time went on, Rich started playing the electric piano and then moved on to the keyboard. Rich also plays the guitar and the base guitar and of course he can sing. Through his young growing up years, Rich and some of his friends started a band in their local area. I guess you might say that this was the start for Rich and his love of music. Rich considers his love of music to be Country, Pop, Jazz, Blues, Classic Rock and Doo Wop (You know! Those oldies but goodies).
Back in the day, when Rich was a young boy, he had an uncle who played trumpet for the Fred Waring Band. This same uncle was married to Laverne Andrew, one of the Andrew sisters.
Through the years Rich has played in many  local bands such as Odessa, The Star Lites, J Michael Band, Boot Leg, Sands of Time, The Jim Ruane band and 2+2=Good Music. Rich played at Ceasers at the Poconos. He played a Music Fest in 1985 which was a jazz venue. He also played an after hour party venue (Roy Raiden Review) for Charlie Thompson and the Drifter's, Glady's Horton of the Marvelettes, Tiny Tim and The Vogues. Rich has done many weddings, country clubs and banquet venues, plus the many bands he has participated in throughout the years. Rich has been in a recording studio recording some old tunes.

Rich has not as of yet reached retirement age, although it's coming, he is busy working, raising his family, and finding the time to spend with his good buddies Frank Crispo, John Hartley, Des Sands and Johnny Iatarola (fondly known as Johnny I.) Rich is now looking forward to a wonderful future filled with lots of music, good times and good health with his buddies in their "Senior Power"  years and playing the music they love!


The good old country boys just keep moving on. They love getting together, playing music and just having a blast in their "Golden Years!"





"Frank Crispo", The Country Picker and "The Senior Power Band"  put on a venue on May 28, 2013 at 1:00 PM. The "Senior Power Band"  venue was held at the Ben Wilson Senior Citizens Center in Warminster, Pennsylvania. The event really had a great turn out of the "Senior Power Band"  fans. Many family members and friends were there too! Everyone really had a wonderful time dancing and good food to eat. The band had a really good time too! It was so great to see some of our old friends and family members from way back when? Frank Crispo's very good friend and local radio station personality, Jack Boland was the MC of the "Senior Power Band"  venue. Jack is the show host of the "Country Gold Classics" at every Friday night on your "radio" dial. Listen in and enjoy the music! Hope to see you all again soon! 


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"Frank Crispo",The Country Picker and "The Senior Power Band"  was invited back to appear at Tamanend Park Day at Upper Southampton, Pennsylvania. The band appeared on September 07, 2013 from 12:00 to 3:00 PM. The all day event offered Historical information, games, food stands and more. It was a "Great" day and everyone had a wonderful time! Tamanend Park Day is an event that is put on every year. Thank you to all of our loyal fans who came out to see "The Senior Power Band". We sure do hope to see you next time! For more information about Tamanend Park Day...... > Click Here! To read the Public Spirit Newspaper Article that was written Frank Crispo and The Senior Power Bands appearance at Tamanend Park Day...... > Click Here!


Frank Crispo would like to thank John Hartley, Des Sands, Rich Bosco and John Iatarola for a wonderful performance! They worked hard and they did a "Great" job! "Thanks Guys"!!


We Love "The Senior Power Band"

YEA! For Rich Bosco - The Keyboard Guy!!


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