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Frank Still Keeps Fighting On!


"FRANK CRISPO"  still keeps fighting on in lifes path as he gracefully goes forward through the years at the age of 79. Oh yes, Frank still has his charisma and a charm about him with a wonderfull kindness that shows through in his personality. To know Frank is to truly want to have an instant friendship with him. Frank has a loving heart with a big love and respect for his family, all of  his friends and his fellow man. That's Frank!


Frank was born on July 23, 1938 in the Germantown Hospital in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Angelina Crispo and Francis J. Crispo, Sr. were the proud parents of their new born baby boy, Frank J. Crispo Junior. Frank's parents resided in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and later moved to North Wales, Pennsylvania until they both passed in 2003.


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Frank has been very happily married to his wife Judy for over 41 years. Frank and Judy now reside in Horsham, Pennsylvania. Frank and Judy have five children and nine grand-children. Frank's daughter Cheryl Hughes has a daughter Shaylyn Hughes who just recently got married on October 13, 2012. Shaylyn married Tyler Moses, a young fellow from Lancaster, Pennsylvania. It was a wonderful wedding. This is Frank's first grandchild to be married. Cheryl also has a son, Drake Hughes who just graduated from high school and he is now attending Drexel University. Frank's son and name sake, Frank III, has a daughter (his oldest) Kirsten Crispo and her groom to be, Christopher Puzinas from Hilltown, Pennsylvania are going to be married on August 23, 2013. Young Frank also has two younger daughters, Lauren and Devon Crispo. Frank's youngest son is married with two young boys, Cole and Gabe Crispo. No weddings there for sometime!


Frank's father was a well known figure in the city of Philadelphia and was very active in local politics. His father owned several apartment buildings, coal mines, a stone quarry and a marina in Florida.


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Frank Crispo Early Years
Frank Crispo "The Early Years"!


Frank had an Uncle Tony who he admired very much. Uncle Tony, in his day, had a band and he sang just like Hank Williams. Well, this sparked a flame in Frank's heart for the love of country music. Frank's father really was elated that Frank wanted to sing. There was only one problem, his father who wanted him to sing Tony Bennett and Frank Sinatra style of music. Frank was more into Rock and Roll  and he had some feelings for country music like his uncle Tony. Frank kept quiet and did not tell his father how he felt. Frank's father sent the very young Frank to Arlene Smith, "School Of Music" in Philadelphia for singing lessons in the genre of what his father wanted. Frank soon realized that his Father's style of music was not for him and this became very apparent to Arlene Smith. She could see that this type of music was not for the young Frank Crispo. Arlene Smith asked Frank what kind of music did he want to sing. Frank replied by singing a song called "Pledging My Love" by Johnny Ace.


The 1950's and the Rock and Roll era was becoming a big thing. Frank found himself loving this type of music. Arlene Smith sent a tape of Frank to Allen Freed in New York. Allen Freed was very interested in pursuing a career with Frank. Because Frank was only fifteen years old, Arlene Smith called Frank's father and needed his fathers signature of permission for Allen Freed to take Frank under his wing. Frank's father just absolutely refused to sign anythink and give permission for his son to sing any kind of "Rock and Roll"  music. At that time, Frank also cut a few demos for Russ Faith. Frank, being only fifteen years old and no permission to be given by his father, Frank continued going to school and working for his Father in his stone quarry.


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Frank Crispo, as a young man in 1960's became restless working for other employers. He wanted to be the employer. Frank thought, if he had to work hard, why not work hard for yourself. That is when Frank made a decision to go into business for himself. So, of course, being Italian, Frank decided to go in the construction field of alterations, additions and specializing in stone work. Guess what? Frank worked very hard and did very well for himself. Frank is also a gifted stone mason. He has done some beautiful stone designs in his time.

In January of 1975 Frank and Judy were married. At that time, Frank got involved with some friends and started a local band. It was at this time Frank met John Hartley and not to long after meeting John he met Des Sands. A great friendship began. In 1979 Frank appeared on the show 60 Minutes and was interviewed by Mike Wallace. The guys started getting bookings all around the local area, playing at the Buck Hotel, Casa Conti, Sumney Town West and many other local places. They really enjoyed playing music!
In the later years, with Frank's cement business being seasonal, Frank started his "Trash Removal and Hauling Service"  business. Working for Homeowners, Realtors, Property Management Companies and all other various types of contractors. From the house clean outs came the antique finds. Frank started going to flea markets, garage sales, auctions and reselling his finds. Frank loves country music and picking around for his antique finds.That's when Frank became the "The Country Picker". 
This year 2012, Frank and his old buddies John Hartley, Des Sands, Rich Bosco, and Johnny Iatarola (fondly known as Johnny I.) have reunited in their retirement years. Because they are Senior Citizens  they decided to call themselves "The Senior Power Band"  along with their good buddy "Frank Crispo"  known as the The Country Picker. Frank and all of the band members have now become known all around the local area as "Frank Crispo" The Country Picker and "The Senior Power Band".  Frank is now looking forward to a wonderful future filled with lots of music, good times and good health with his buddies in their "Senior Power"  years and playing the music they love!


The good old boys just keep moving on. They love getting together, playing their music and just having a blast in their "Golden Years"!





"Frank Crispo", The Country Picker and "The Senior Power Band"  put on a venue on May 28, 2013 at 1:00 PM. The "Senior Power Band"  venue was held at the Ben Wilson Senior Citizens Center in Warminster, Pennsylvania. The event really had a great turn out of the "Senior Power Bad"  fans. Many family members and friends were there too! Everyone really had a wonderful time dancing and good food to eat. The band had a really good time too! It was so great to see some of our old friends and family members from way back when? Frank Crispo's very good friend and local radio station personality, Jack Boland was the MC of the "Senior Power Band"  venue. Jack is the show host of the "Country Gold Classics" at every Friday night on your "radio" dial. Listen in and enjoy the music! Hope to see you all again soon! 


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"Frank Crispo",The Country Picker and "The Senior Power Band"  was invited back to appear at Tamanend Park Day at Upper Southampton, Pennsylvania. The band appeared on September 07, 2013 from 12:00 to 3:00 PM. The all day event offered Historical information, games, food stands and more. It was a "Great" day and everyone had a wonderful time! Tamanend Park Day is an event that is put on every year. Thank you to all of our loyal fans who came out to see "The Senior Power Band". We sure do hope to see you next time! For more information about Tamanend Park Day...... > Click Here! To read the Public Spirit Newspaper Article that was written Frank Crispo and The Senior Power Bands appearance at Tamanend Park Day...... > Click Here!


Frank Crispo would like to thank John Hartley, Des Sands, Rich Bosco and John Iatarola for a wonderful performance! They worked hard and they did a "Great" job! "Thanks Guys"!!



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