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"DES SANDS"  is a great guy with a terrific sense of humor and a wonderful personality. Des is a very compassionate and caring person for his fellow man. He is always there for you! There is also an ease about him which shows through in his music when he is performing on stage. Des Sands is the comedian of the group along with his good buddy John Hartley. Not only does Des sing, but he also holds your interest as he performs and just makes you laugh. Des Sands was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He now resides in Willow Grove, Pennsylvania with his wife Lynda. Des and Lynda have been married for 19 years. They have six children and three grandchildren. Des is a veteran of the United States Air Force. Des served four (4) years which included one year of service in Vietnam.
Des's interest in music and playing the guitar came from the influence of his Uncle Kurt. His Uncle Kurt played in bands throughout Des's young life. His beloved Uncle Kurt has now passes away in October,  2014. He passed at the age of 99 years old. Des loved his uncle Kurt. Uncle Kut was the father figure in his life. He was always there for Des. Des was twelve years old when he started playing the guitar and his natural singing abilities just came along with it. Des also plays harmonica and bongo drums. He considers himself a music lover of old time rock and roll or as we say "The Oldies but Goodies". He also enjoys the music of Doo Wop and Rockabilly. He is very versatile in other types of music. He has been in the recording studio recording old music and new songs written by Frank Crispo.

Des Remembers His Uncle Kurt


Uncle Kurt Des remembers his uncle Kurt fondly, with great love and respect. Growing up, Uncle Kurt was the only father figure Des had in his life. Kurtchild Joseph Hoffstadt, otherwise known to everyone as Uncle Kurt, of Oreland, PA. died on Wednesday, October 29, 2014. Uncle Kurt was born on July 01, 1915. He was 99 years old. Uncle Kurt was a big part of his life. Uncle Kurt was the man who influenced Des in the music field. He bought Des his first two guitars and together the played great music together. Uncle Kurt, himself, was a very musical talented man. He played many instruments and shared his many talents along with his love of music throughout the years with his family. Uncle Kurt was always there for Des and the whole family. He was loved very much and will be greatly missed. Uncle Kurt was the brother to Des's Mom. Des Sands is a very caring person, along with his wife Lynda. They are always there, for whoever may need them. Des never says no! Des is also, a very dear friend to Frank and Judy Crispo. Please read Uncle Kurt's "Obituary" to learn more...... >> Click here!



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Des has played at the Country Western Inn, Land Mark Inn, Hide Away, Jerry's Place, Chaps, The Bus Stop in Philadelphia and many other local establishments. Some of the bands he started or played with through the years were Sands of Time, Kit Kats, Apple Jacks, Count Downs, 2+2=Good Music, Gamblers, Lamp Liters, Gloria and The Nashville Cats and many others throughout the local area. Des also played several times at Temple University in Ambler, Pennsylvania in the Sculpture Gardens. The band was the opening act for Judy Collins, Booker T., The MG'S, and Rita Coolidge. It was really a wondeful experience and a memorable time!


Des Sands had many many followers in the early years of playing music and entertaining his followers. If you were to fondly mention the name "DES SANDS"  to anyone of his time, they will instantly let you know that he is known as a "local legend"  in all the areas he performed as well as playing with many many bands throughout the years. He was very well known for his own band called "The Apple Jacks" . They were very popular and a sought after band. They had a very long run for many years with his own band. Later, Des started a new band called "The Sands Of Time"  which did equally as well as he did with his first band "The Apple Jacks".


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Frank Crispo and Des Sands are good buddies for many years. They like to make sure to find the time to hang out together, have a good time and talk about the good old music days!! 

Photo Taken October 15, 2012

Frank & Des 2013


Since the early years, Des has been busy working very hard, raising his children, and now he enjoys being around his grandchildren. Des is a really good family man. Believe me, if you need something, Des will be there for you. He never lets you down. Des has a heart of gold!


Des loves the idea of being reunited with his old buddies Frank Crispo, John Hartley, Rich Bosco and Johnny Iatarola (fondly known as Johnny I.). The group is now called "Frank Crispo" The Country Picker and "The Senior Power Band". Des is now looking forward to a wonderful future filled with lots of music, good times and good health with his buddies in their "Senior Power"  years and playing the music they love!


The good old boys just keep moving on. They love getting together, playing music and just having a blast in their "Golden Years!"





"Frank Crispo", The Country Picker and "The Senior Power Band"  put on a venue on May 28, 2013 at 1:00 PM. The "Senior Power Band"  venue was held at the Ben Wilson Senior Citizens Center in Warminster, Pennsylvania. The event really had a great turn out of the "Senior Power Band"  fans. Many family members and friends were there too! Everyone really had a wonderful time dancing and good food to eat. The band had a really good time too! It was so great to see some of our old friends and family members from way back when? Frank Crispo's very good friend and local radio station personality, Jack Boland was the MC of the "Senior Power Band"  venue. Jack is the show host of the "Country Gold Classics" at every Friday night on your "radio" dial. Listen in and enjoy the music! Hope to see you all again soon! 


New Update Sign


"Frank Crispo",The Country Picker and "The Senior Power Band"  was invited back to appear at Tamanend Park Day at Upper Southampton, Pennsylvania. The band appeared on September 07, 2013 from 12:00 to 3:00 PM. The all day event offered Historical information, games, food stands and more. It was a "Great" day and everyone had a wonderful time! Tamanend Park Day is an event that is put on every year. Thank you to all of our loyal fans who came out to see "The Senior Power Band". We sure do hope to see you next time! For more information about Tamanend Park Day...... > Click Here! To read the Public Spirit Newspaper Article that was written Frank Crispo and The Senior Power Bands appearance at Tamanend Park Day...... > Click Here!


Frank Crispo would like to thank John Hartley, Des Sands, Rich Bosco and John Iatarola for a wonderful performance! They worked hard and they did a "Great" job! "Thanks Guys"!!


We All Love "The Senior Power Band"

YEA! For Des Sands - Singer And Guitar Guy!!

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