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As of this year, 2017, me and my good old buddies had a great time through the years playing music together. We have been very good friends for a very long time. I am very sad to say, that due to some unfortunate circumstances, the band had to take some time off and attend to some personal things. Enjoy some of our past photos and the fun we enjoyed.



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Posted by Judy Crispo 06/05/2014

Photos by Sid Dorfman 


 We Were Invited Back!

Frank Crispo & The Senior Power Explosion!

"Appearing at The Tamanend Park Day"

On September 06, 2014. Hope You Were There!

We All Had A Great Time!


Frank & The Band


Yes,"Frank Crispo"  and the "Senior Power Explosion"  was invited back for an appearance at the "Tamanend Park Day"  event at our local area of Upper Southampton, Pennsylvania. Frank and the guys appeared on September 07, 2014 from 12:00 to 3:00 PM. This was an outside all day event that offered Historical information, many fun games, food stands and so much more. It turned out to be a really"Great Day" and everybody had a wonderful time! "The Tamanend Park Day"  is an outside event that is put on every year. Thank you to all of our loyal fans, family and friends too, who came out to see "The Senior Power Explosion". We hope to see everyone back again next time! Take care and be well everyone!


Band Tamanend Park


For more information on the outside all day events at "The Tamanend Park Day"...... >> Click Here! To read more about the Public Spirit Newspaper Article that was written about the bands appearance and the events at "The Tamanend Park Day"...... >> Click Here!

Frank Crispo would like to thank John Hartley, Des Sands, Rich Bosco and John Iatarola for a wonderful performance! They worked very hard and they did a "Great" job! Very well done guys. "Thank You"!!




Posted by Judy Crispo 05/30/2013

Photos by Jim Van Cleave


Frank Crispo & The Senior Power Explosion!

Appearing at The "Ben Wilson Senior Citizen Center"


Senior Power Band at Ben Wilson


"Frank Crispo", The Country Picker and "The Senior Power Explosion" and"  put on a venue on May 28, 2013 at 1:00 PM. The "Senior Power Explosion" and"  venue was held at Ben Wilson Senior Citizens Center is in Warminster, Pennsylvania. The event really had a great turn out of the "Senior Power Explosion" and  fans. Many family members and friends were there too! Everyone really had a wonderful time dancing and good food to eat. The band had a really good time too! It was so great to see some of our old friends and many family members from way back when? Frank Crispo's very good friend and local radio station personality, Jack Boland was the MC of the "Senior Power Explosion" and  venue. Jack is the show host of his own radio station called "Country Gold Classics" at WRDV - FM 89.3. Go to the radio "radio" and listen to "Jack Boland"  and his "Country Gold Clasics" every Friday night from 7:00 to 10:00 PM. Go to to learn more about our local broadcasting radio station. Thank you Jack for hosting our event! Be well everyone!



Jack Boland And "The Senior Power Explosion"

Posted by Judy Crispo 06/08/2013


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Jack BolandJack Boland  is a big fan follower of the "Senior Power Explosion". Jack Boland  appears as a special guest host for the "Senior Power Explosion" at  many of their venues and special events. Jack Boland is a very well known radio personality and DJ of his weekly show "Country Gold Classics". You can listen in every Friday night from 7:00 to 10:00 PM on the world wide Web radio at WRDV - FM 89.3. Frank visits Jack at the radio station often. Tune in and enjoy Jack Boland and "The Country Gold Classics". Great Guy! Visit their website at



"Senior Power Explosion" Some Past Photos

Photos by Judy Crispo

Event 05/28/2012 


Frank John and Des 263 2013





Big Band Collage


 Hello Black Dancing Couple

 Hi There Everyone....

We Love The Country Picker



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