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Frank And Judy Crispo Are Letting Their Voices Be Heard On The Horsham PFOS/PFOA In The Contaminated Well Water!


The Intelligencer Newspaper Visited Our Home To Video Frank And The Band About The Horsham Contaminated Well Water! Many Followers Were There!


Illegal PFOS/PFOA chemical dumping in our well water is MORALLY SHOCKING and is TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE ! What is being done? Nothing, for many years!


Written and Posted by Judy Crispo

Intell Article/Video October 06, 2016


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Frank 258X381  72Frank Crispo and I have lived in Horsham, Pennsylvania for 28 years and did not know that we have been ingesting contaminated well water. I have lived in the Hatboro-Horsham School District since I was eleven years old. When Frank and I learned about the contaminated well water problem, we had our well tested. It was contaminated. In fact, we had it tested twice and the PFOS/PFOA test remained the same -- contaminated! Frank and I have done an abundance of research on the contamination of the wells and the diseases the water may cause. We began to wonder. Frank developed diabetes and suffered a stroke. I began to experience clinical depression and panic attacks. Yes, I was diagnosed with clinical depression. This is not a  good thing! I do not always

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have very good days and I have really been fighting this for 15 years. There is such great concern about cancer and other diseases. It is very sad what this unforgivable problem is doing to people with contaminated wells. This terrible contamination issue is a source of anxiety as people wait to discover what lies ahead for them! Frank and I have been encountering so many disturbing stories in our travels around the  Horsham area. Many people have viewed Frank's video on this subject and have been expressing their concerns. My wife, Judy and I put together a video with the assistance of some of my musician friends. Their help was invaluable in my quest to get the word out. Judy and I would like to thank Pat Smith, Larry Rhoades, John Lawson and a special thank you to Tom DeCarm, for all the assistance they provided to me! With help from Pat, Larry and John, we were able to put together a song about the well water contamination called "The Cesspool Hotel". The guys are now known as "The De-Contaminators" who are putting out the word.

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The government did shut down our well water this past summer (2016) and we are now enjoying the township water which really has a terrible odor of chlorine bleach. Because of our drinking water's foul odor we now buy bottled water at a cost of $32.00 a month. Who knows what the plastic bottles will do to our health. There is no winning! Some township wells are now contaminated and have been shut down, also! How about your township well water? Is it safe to Drink? We have been told that we are now getting water brought in from North Wales and the cost will be absorbed by we the people. So far the charge will approximately be an added $24.00 every three months on our water bills. Why should we pay for their careless negligence? What if you are a senior citizen on a fixed income? Many senior citizens are really suffering! Remember that our government did not give us a Social Security increase last year (2015)! They always have money ready for many other unnecessary dumb things but not for the senior citizens and health care! Isn't our government just so wonderful? They are really always looking out for us -- we the people! What about our veterans? Yeah right . . . what a joke! Frank and I and many other people we talk to are so very tired of the government insulting our intelligence in so many ways. We the people are not as stupid as the government would like to think we are.


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Judy is Outraged!
Have you ever watched the movie Erin Brockovich? The 2000 film recounted the true story of Pacific Gas and Electric Company's (PG&E) contamination of the drinking water in Hinkley, California. The citizens of Hinkley were lied to concerning the water's safety. The contaminated water caused the people of Hinkley to suffer numerous serious maladies from the water's toxicity. If you have not yet seen the movie, you really should! It is so disturbing, shocking and really just unbelievable!
You know, if this PFOS/PFOA chemical contaminated water problem happened in Iraq for example, our government likely would spend billions of dollars to remedy the situation. It would take an act of Congress to fund our municipalities in order to correct our water
situation. Would they yield a penny? I wonder! What do you think?
Have you thought about what the value of your home may now be worth when you decide to sell your home? What about your water pipes? Years of chemically-induced corrosion can severely and permanently compromise the pipes in your home. Think this would affect your house's value? Did you know that there are some homes that actually had chemical contaminated water surface to ground level all over their lawns. Would you make a purchase with the house's history of contamination? That information is documented and on record for any potential home buyer to examine. I would not if I were looking to buy a home. Frank and I already have that home.
Frank and I have received many phone calls thanking Frank for speaking out on the contaminated well water situation. Frank has had several requests to come and give speeches. WOW!
According to the the Intelligencer Newspaper, the backstory here is that, for the last two years, public wells and about 150 private wells have been shut down in Bucks and Montgomery counties due to chemical contamination near three former military bases in Horsham, Warminster and Warrington.
The contaminated well water problem is very serious and getting worse evryday! People are getting sick, some long term suffering and dying. As we reach out with our message, we are surprised to find that there are many people not aware of the contaminated well water situation, but we sure are!  Let us get the word out! Tell everyone you know! Get your well water tested for PFOS/PFOA chemicals! It is so very so important! Your life may depend on it. What about your children?
We have been told how Horsham is the best place to live! REALLY? We sure don't think so now!
Can You Believe This Is What We Are Dealing With?

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Illegal chemical dumping is just totally unnacceptable, morally shocking and is killing we the people! Doesn't anyone care? It is very disturbing! Why has the illegal dumping been ignored for so many years? What in the world is wrong with this government? They play ring around the rosey. Why are we not being told that this mess will be corrected and when? What penalty will be imposed on all of the illegal dumpers? Nothing! Just like everything else our government doesnt do! Will this nightmare ever stop? How do they sleep at night?



Read One Of Many Articles Written On This Subject!


6abcArticle by Vernon Odom

For several years, some 7,600 households and businesses in Horsham, Montgomery County have worried about the town's contaminated water supply.
Now the state is sending $10-million to deal with the problem long-term. However, a short-term solution is expected to be in place by the end of this year.
The contamination stems from the former Willow Grove Naval Air Station. Twice in two years, the Federal Government told the people of Horsham that dangerous contaminants linked to cancer are in their public well water.
Now cleansing solutions, including carbon filters, are headed into the pipeline.
"I can't tell you how many heartbreaking stories I've had from folks who call my office or contact me on Facebook or send me an email with concerns that their health issues may have been caused by the water," State Senator Todd Stevens said.
This word from Harrisburg is of great interest to Trudy and Joe Pella, Horsham residents for more than 50 years.
The Navy provides them with bottled water now for drinking and cooking after the EPA told them in May that their private well water was contaminated, as well.
Joe is a two-time cancer survivor and they've lost many neighbors to cancer already.
"We have been worried about it for a long time, because some people on this street have died of cancer," Trudy Pella said.
Joe Pella is headed back to another six week course of chemotherapy.


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