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Frank and Judy Crispo are Big Listeners of Jack Boland and His "Country Gold Classics" Radio Program Every Friday Night From 7:00 to 10:00 PM. WRDV - FM 89.3 on Your Radio Dial! Listen in if You Love "Traditional Country Gold Classics" Music  Like We Do!


Please Enjoy Your Visit With Jack Boland and His Love for His "Country Gold Classics" Music. Make Sure You Check Back to See What's Happening on the Program Each Week!


Jack Has Worked Very Hard for Over 24 Years Putting His Shows Together for All of His Radio Listeners. If You Call in on their Request Line at 215-674-8002 for That Special Song, or for That "Very Special Person", Jack Boland Will Surely Play it for You!


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"Jack Boland"  is a very well known radio show host at "WRDV" radio station in Hatboro, Pennsylvania. Jack broadcasts his show every Friday night from 7:00 PM to to 10:00 PM. Jack's style of music is"Country Gold Classics" , a traditional sound of Country and Blue Grass music. You can also enjoy some of Frank's songs there too! Their request line number is 215-674-8002. You can request your favorite song or dedicate a song to that special someone! If you cannot get the local station in your area, go to the website: www.wrdv.org and click on the Red Radio and enjoy the music. Their other local broadcasting stations are: 97.1 Bensalem, PA.- 91.7 Bristol, PA.- 107.3 Philadelphia, PA. They play all types of music 24/7. To play the web radio, just click the link and you are there....>> WRDV-FM - 89.3 On  Your Dial


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 Friday Night - October 17, 2014

Coming up is part two of "Grand Pa Jones" Live.Tune in....you don't want to miss it!


 Main Street Hatboro Train Show "Coming Soon" ! 



Jack Boland will be reminding everyone about the up coming Main Street

Hatboro 9th Annual Model Train Show on his Country Gold Classics radio show every Friday night. Jack is on the committee and is very proud of all the work the guys do to get ready for the Hatboro Train Show.

To Learn Much More...... >> Click Here!




 May 8, 2014 - Guest Host "DJ" 


Jim Van Cleve - Guest Host "DJ"

Posted 05/06/2014


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Jim Van Cleve
"Jim" Is Fondly Known As "The Baron Of Bristol"


"Jim Van Cleve"  who is kind enough to help out and donate his time to the radio station WRDV - FM  will be a "Guest Host DJ"  for one hour on "Dale Temple's Time Was" show at WRDV - FM's 89.3 on Thursday, May 08, 2014 from 3:00PM to 6:00PM. Jim will "Guest Host"  for one hour.

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S Dale & Jim
Dale Temple (L) - Jim Van Cleve (R) Really Great Guys!

"Jim Van Cleve" donates his time to the radio station and answers the request line for WRDV on Friday nights from 7:00PM to 10:00PM with"Jack Boland" and the music of his "Country Gold Classics"  show. "Jim Van CleMve"  made a contribution and is now a sponsor for WRDV. Jim gets to be a "Guest Host DJ"  for one hour. You too, can participate in the radio program with a donation and be a "Guest Host DJ"  for one hour on the radio, just like "Jim Van Cleve"  did. To learn more about how to participate in the program, become a WRDV - FM  sponsor, go to their website.....>> www.WRDV.org

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 May 23, 2014 - Memorial Day Tribute          


Celebrating "Memorial Day Tribute" 

Posted 05/16/2014


May 23, 2014, "Jack Boland"  and the guys at the Memorial Day radio station are excited to present a three hour show celebrating "Memorial Day". Jack has put together a patriotic show with all of your favorite traditional country artists. "Memorial Day"  is a US federal holiday wherein the men and women died while serving in the United States Armed Forces are remembered. Let's us all join in and celebrate and remember "Memorial Day" on May 26, 2014 and what it should mean to all of us. Tune in every Friday night from 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM and listen to "Jack Boland" and his "Country Gold Classics". Tune in and listen to "Jack Boland"....>> Click here!


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  June 20, 2014 - Guest Host "DJ"  


Jim Van Cleve - Guest Host "DJ"

Posted 06/15/2014


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Jim Van Cleve

Jim Is Findly Known As

"The Baron Of Bristol"


"Jim Van Cleve"  is going to be a "Guest Host DJ"  for one hour on "Jack Boland's Country Gold Classics" show at WRDV - FM's 89.3 on Friday June 20, 2014 from 7:00PM to 10:00PM. Jim has put together a nice selection of his favorite "Country Gold Classics"  for the show. Because "Jim Van Cleve" made a contribution and is now a sponsor for WRDV, Jim gets to be a "Guest Host DJ"  for one hour. You too, can participate in the 'WRDV" radio program with a contrabution and be a "Guest Host DJ"  sponsor for one hour on the radio, just like "Jim Van Cleve"  did. To learn more about how to participate in the program and become a WRDV  sponsor, then please check out their website for more information .......>>www.WRDV.org



To view some pics of "Jim Van Cleve"  being "DJ" for an hour ...... >> 


July 11, 2014 - Bill Haley Tribute    


Celebrating 9th Annual Bill Haley Tribute                                                         Posted 06/05/2014


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"Jack Boland" and his "Country Gold Classics"  local radio show will be celebrating their 9th annual "Bill Haley and The Saddlemen Tribute" at WRDV - FM 89.3. This will be a live appearance in the studio. Al Rex, an original Comet and was with The Saddlemen, will play stand up bass fiddle. The original "Bill Haley and The Saddlemen" group was formed in late 1949. "Bill Haley and the Saddlemen" ceased to exist when they became "Bill Haley and The Comets"  in 1953. If you would like to learn more about "Bill Haley and the Saddlemen"...... >> Click Here! Tune in every Friday night and listen to "Jack Boland"  (WRDV - FM - 89.3) and his "Country Gold Classics". You will hear some songs you never heard before. "Jack" digs really deep to find these special songs to present to his loyal radio listeners.


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Local Events And Entertainment


9th Annual Main Street Hatboro Train Show

 December 06, 2014

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Jack Train Show


The next 9th annual "Main Street Hatboro Train Show" event will be held on Saturday  December 6, 2014 from 9:00 AM till 3:00 PM. This event will be held at the Keith Valley Middle School, Horsham, Pennslylvania. General admission is $5.00 and children under age 12 are admitted for free. "Jack Boland"  will be there with his display along with many other displays. Make sure you stop by and say hello to "Jack Boland".


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Information And Interest

Did You Know    Did You know Yellow



Did You know Yellow

Jack Boland is Mentioned in the "Intelligencer Newspaper"

Posted: Sunday, August 24, 2014 12:15 AM


The Intelligencer newspaper wrote an article titled....Readers want their "classic country music" back. In the article they mention Jack Boland (spelling his last name wrong) and the type of music people want to hear. Jack only plays the traditional country music on his show "Country Gold Classics" on WRDV - FM 89.3 every Friday night from 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM or on their website and click on the red radio...... >> Click Here! To read the newspaper article...... >> Click Here! Another article written the week before on classic country music...... >> Click Here!

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  Jack Boland Loves His "Traditional Country Gold Classics" Music!

Jack Boland grew up in the family life of nothing but Country and Bluegrass music due to the love of this music from his father. This background of music sent Jack into the direction of radio broadcasting and the love of music. Jack's career has span over 25 years in the radio broadcasting business. Jack Boland is the radio show host for "Country Gold Classics" every Friday Night from 7:00PM to 10:00PM on 89.3 FM. Don't forget to tune in and give a listen to Jack Boland.


Did You know Yellow


  Jack Boland Won A "TMA" Award?


"Jack Boland" won a "TMA" award (Traditional Music Association) for "DJ of the year" in 1998 at the Ryman Auditorium (former home of the Grande Ole Opry) in Nashville, Tennessee. Jack Boland was recognized for his outstanding achievements in radio broadcasting. To this day, Jack works very hard  broadcasting and keeping alive the "Traditional Country Music" that he loves so much.


Did You know Yellow


  Jack Boland Has A Hobby And It Is For The Love Of Trains!

 Click on Photos


"Jack Boland" and his good buddies attend the "Train Show" every year at the Keith Valley Middle School in Horsham, Pennsylvania. "Jack Boland" and his good friend "Dale Temple" (chairman) are members of the "Main Street Hatboro/Model Train Show" committee. Jack and Dale have been  big model railroad enthusiasts for the past eight years in our small local town of Hatboro.The photo is of "Jack Boland" (lower right), "Dale Temple"  (lower left) and "Sid Dorfman" behind Jack with some of the other committee members. To read more about the train show committee......>> Click Here! To learn more about the 8th annual "Main Street Hatboro Train Show" ......>> Click Here!


Did You know Yellow


  Jack Boland's Father Was In The Music Business?


Jack Boland Sr"Jack Boland's"  father,"Jack Boland, Senior"  was one of the original band members of the "Pleasant Valley Boys Band" of many years ago. As long as Jack can remember, he grew up in the music world of Bluegrass and Traditional Country music in his home. Jack has always had a great love and respect for his father and the "Traditional Country" music that was so alive in his life throughout the many years. This inspired Jack so much that he wants to keep this music alive.


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 Remembering Weldon Myrick Dies At 76   


 Remembering "Weldon Myrick" Famed Steel Player


Remembering Weldon Myric"Weldon Myrick", a legendary session musician and famed steel player died Monday (June 2) in Nashville following a stroke. He was 76. "Weldon Myrick"  was born and raised in Jayton, Texas. He was best known for his work on recordings by singer Connie Smith, and he also played steel guitar on songs by Elvis Presley, Willie Nelson, and Dolly Parton. "Jack Boland" knew"Weldon Myric" and was very saddened to here of his passing. Jack said, we not only lost a great steel guitar player, but a beloved figure in the world of country music. Read more about "Weldon Myrick"...... >> Click Here!


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 Remembering Ray Price And His Final Album Release                             


 Ray Releases His Last Album Before His Death


Ray Price Beauty Is Cover

Ray Price's Last Album To Be Released on April 15, 2014

Ray Price has been one of our favorites for many years. Ray and his music will be missed. Ray's music was so very important to him as well as his fans. He wanted to sing one more time for his loyal fans. A collection of Ray Price's final recording sessions, titled "Beauty Is"…, will be available April 15 on AmeriMonte Records. Produced by Fred Foster, the project features Ray Price’s classic sound, as well as duets with Vince Gill and Martina McBride. Check out some more information on Ray Price. You will be glad you did! To Read More On Ray Price....>> Click Here!


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                            Visiting The Radio Station


Frank Crispo and a few band members from "The Senior Power Band" stopped on by to visit Jack Boland at the WRDV - FM radio station. The guys in the second picture from left to right are: Johnny Iatrarola, John Hartley and Frank Crispo. 

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S Jack Boland

Jack Boland   Johnny I, John & Frank   Jack & Frank Crispo   Frank Crispo



The Men Behind The Scene At "WRDV" Radio Station


The generous volunteers that devote their time at WRDV - FM 89.3 local radio station every Friday night from 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm working with Jack Boland the MC of "Country Gold Classics". Left to right: Dave, Sid, Jim, Nathan and John. Nathan is the son of Sid Dorfman who is also behind the scenes and answeres the request line. That is, when Nathan is on break from Graduate School at the University of Pittsburgh. All the guys do such a good job at WRDV "Country Gold Classics"! Jack Boland say's, Thank You Guys!    

  Click on Photos            
Small Jim Van Cleve

Sid Dorfman

Small Jim Van Cleve

Dave Lynch-Reporter


Sid Dorfman


Jim Van Cleve


Nathan Dorfman

  Click on Photos            
John Lightner

S Dave Lunch

S John Lightner

John Lightner


Nathan & His Dad Sid


Dave Lynch-Reporter


John Lightner



Jack And Marty Boland At The Train Show 2013

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Small Jack and Marty Boland

Small Marty Railroad Crossing

Small Jack & Marty Sitting in Chair

Small Jack and His Trains
Jack & Marty Boland    Marty Boland   Jack & Marty Boland   Jack Boland

The Train Show - 2012

  Click on Photo     

"Jack Boland" attending the Hatboro Train Show 2012. Jack Boland is a member of the "Main Street Hatboro/Model Train Show Committee" for the past seven years. Jack never misses a train show. Jack and his radio buddies of WRDV - FM 89.3 are broadcasting live from the show floor with radio personalities, Lou Anthony on the left, Jack Boland in the center and Dale Temple on the right. To learn more about the train shows, visit their website...... >> Click Here!


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What's Happening In The Country Music World



Check It Out!  The "The Country Music Hall Of Fame" Announces The 2014 Inductees!   To Learn More...... >> Click Here!




Country Music Hall Of Fame Logo





     Hank Cochran       Ronnie Milsap       Mac Wiseman


We do hope you will come back again! We will be adding new little tid bits to "Jack Boland's" section of our website!

Thank You Everyone! Be Well!

Frank & Judy


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