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Congratulations Lauren and Matt
John & Des Senior Power Explosion

John & Des as the Senior Power Explosion

Tamanend Park Day 

Ben Wilson Appearance

Hauling And Trash Service

Frank Visits Local Radio Station

Philly Burbs Article

Montgomery Newspaper Article

Saying Good-by

Frank's Grandaughter Kirsten Gets Married

Frank's Grandaughter Lauren Gets Married

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Frank's Grandaughter Lauren Crispo Got Married On June 27, 2015

Posted by Judy Crispo - 07/04/2015

Congratulations Lauren and Matt   


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S Matt & Lauren 72

Frank Crispo and his wife Judy are very and proud to announce that their Grandaughter, Lauren Crispo has married Matthew Shilko on June 27, 2015. The happy couple are from Quakertown, PA. Lauren and Matt are a great couple and everyone welcomes Matt into the Crispo family. Lauren is the middle daughter of Frank's son, Frank Crispo the third and his lovely wife Patty. Everyone was so very excited to be there and celebrate their wedding day! We wish the happy couple much love and a wonderful life together as they venture through their many years of happiness together. This is their third grandchild to be married. Frank is very happy Grandpop and loves all seven Grandchildren. God Bless Matt and Lauren Shilko!


Congratulations Matt Ans Lauren


IT'S A Girl

Frank and Judy Crispo and all family members are so happy and proud to announce that Matt and Lauren Shilko welcomed a baby girl in December 2016. WOW! What a great Christmas present for everyone to enjoy! Matt and Lauren named  their precious little bundle, Ragan. Everyone is so excited and are enjoying this beautiful little baby girl. We will keep you posted on any news!



 "FRANK CRISPO" Presents "JOHN AND DES" As They Perform For The Second  

  Time As The New "Senior Power Explosion" Appearance For "Senior Citizens"


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Look Out!! "John Hartley" And "Des Sands" Are On Fire As They Are Entertaining One Of The Local "Senior Citizens" Organizations!

Posted May 04, 2014 by Judy Crispo   

Des and John May 02, 2014, by popular demand, "John Hartley" and "Des Sands", lead singers and guitar players of the"Senior Power Explosion"  are really on fire as they performed their second two man duo performance as the "NEW" "Senior Power Explosion". "Frank Crispo" (manager) is happy to now present the two man performance of "John and Des"  who are now known as the "Senior Power Explosion". The performance was a great success at a local private "Senior Citizen" organization called "The Gloria Dei Manor"  which is located in Huntingdon Valley, Pennsylvania. "John and Des" entertained and performed for well over a hundred "Senior Citizens". "Frank Crispo"  who is known as "The Country Picker"  was there too! Frank was  asked to sing a few tunes of his own. The "Senior Citizens"  had such a good time dancing, laughing, clapping and really having a lot of fun. It was such a rewarding time to see the elderly folks have such a good time in their "Senior Years" ! "Frank Crispo"  (manager) is happy to now present the two man performance of "John Hartley and Des Sands"  who are now known as the new "Senior Power Explosion""John and Des"  are receiving many requests from "Senior Citizens"  organizations to perform for their "Senior Citizen"  functions. Frank and the guys are very excited to perform for the elderly. Don't forget, the guys are "Senior Citizens"  themselves!! "John and Des"  received a lovely "Thank You" card from the "Gloria Day Manor" organization.  To view the "Thank You" card......>> Click Here!  Make sure you take a listen to our "NEW" radio jingle for the "Senior Power Explosion" on WRDV - FM 89.3 on your radio dial! Click on the little "Red Radio"...... >>  Listen to us live!


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 "FRANK CRISPO" Presents "JOHN AND DES" As They Perform For The First Time 

  As The New "Senior Power Explosion" Appearance For "Senior Citizens"


WOW!! "John Hartley" And "Des Sands" Really Did A "Great" Job On Their First Performance As The New "SENIOR POWER EXPLOSION"

Posted January 18, 2014 by Judy Crispo


John & DesJanuary 16, 2014 was a great performance and an entertaining show experience put on by the new and exciting "Senior Power Explosion"  featuring "John Hartley" and "Des Sands". The performance was held at  "The Prince Of Peace Lutheran Church"  in Philadelphia Pennsylvania. It was a wonderful group of "Senior Citizens" who really had a wonderful time and inner acted with "John and Des". They danced, laughed and waved their arms around in the air. What a good time everyone had! Their music consists of "Country, DooWop, Rock'a Billy and that Old Time Rock'n Roll!"  John and Des also add some funny little skits along the way. The music takes you back in time and remembering the "Oldies But Goodies". All  the guys of the "Senior Power Explosion"  would like to thank "The Prince Of Peace Luthern Church"  for the opportunity to perform for their"Senior Citizens".


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 "FRANK CRISPO" And The "SENIOR POWER BAND" Were Back Again To Perform

   At "Tamanend Park Day"! Check It Out!

Posted by Judy Crispo 10/12/2014                                                                                

Photos by Sid Dorfman  

We Were Invited Back As The Senior Power Band!


Frank Crispo & The Senior Power Band

"Appeared at The Tamanend Park Day"

On September 06, 2014.


Frank & The Band

"Frank Crispo" and the "Senior Power Band"  were invited back again this year for another show at "Tamanend Park Day", Southampton, Pennsylvania.The band appeared on September 6, 2014 from 12:00 to 3:00 PM. It is an outside event that offers Historian information, many fun games, food stands and so much more. This all day event was really a "Great Day" and everyone really had a nice time! "Tamanend Park Day"  is put on every year. Thank you to all of our loyal fans, family and friends too, who came to see "The Senior Power Band" . Take care everyone!


Band Tamanend ParkTo learn more about "Tamamend Park" and all of the fun events they offer to the public......>> Click Here! To read more about the write up in the "Public Spirit Newspaper Article"  about the "Senior Power Bands" appearance at "Tamanend Park" ......>> Click Here!

Frank Crispo would like to thank John Hartley, Des Sands, Rich Bosco and John Iatarola for a  wonderful performance. The band worked very hard and did a "Great Job" ! Very well done guys!


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Ben Wilson Senior Citizens Center

 Posted June 03, 2013 by Judy Crispo


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The Last Band Appearance


Jack Boland
"Jack Boland",  Country Gold Classics Show WRDV - FM Radio

"Frank Crispo" and the "Senior  Power Band" put on a venue on May 28, 2013 at 1:00 PM. The "Senior Power Band" was held at "Ben Wilson Senior Citizens Center" in Warminster. The event really had a great turn out. We saw many of our "Senior Power Band"  fans. Many of our family members and friends were there too! It was so great to see all of them from way back when? Everyone had a wonderful time dancing and clapping their hands. The food was good too! The band really enjoyed the audience. "Frank Crispo's" very good friend and local radio personality, "Jack Boland"  was the "MC" for the "Senior Power Band"  venue. "Jack Boland"  is the show host of the "Country Gold Classics" at every Friday night from 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM on your "radio" dial. Listen in and enjoy the format of Traditional Country and Bluegrass music. Frank, John and Des hope to see you all again for more fun!


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 FRANK'S Hauling And Trash Service


          Click on graphic for more information about "Frank's Trash Removal Service".....



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Frank Visits Local Radio Station With Jack Boland - Tune in & Listen!

Posted by Judy Crispo 2012

 Support Us WRDV-FM GUY

Frank Crispo often visits his friend "Jack Boland"  at his local radio station in Hatboro, Pennslyvania. You can tune in every Friday night at 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM and listen to "Country Gold Classics"  with Jack Boland. You can also enjoy some of Frank's songs too! Their request line is 215-674-8002. If you cannot get the local station in your area go to the web site: and click on the "Red Radio". Their other broadcasting stations are: 97.1 Bensalem, PA.- 91.7 Bristol, PA.- 107.3 Philadelphia, PA. They play all types of music 24/7 at WRDV-FM - 89.3 On  Your Dial


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Listen to us live!


 RDV-FM - 89.3 On  Your Dial


Country Gold Classics  Every Friday Night From 7:00PM To 10:00PM Featuring "Jack Boland" Tune In, Listen & Enjoy!!


WRDV - FM 89.3

Click The Radio

"Frank's Trash Removal Service" supports and is a sponser of RDV-FM-89.3 community radio in the Deleware Valley. Frank and Judy have a great love for Country Music and enjoy "Country Gold Classics" with Jack Boland every Friday Night. Frank visits the station often! Tune in and enjoy the "Country Gold Classics" with "Jack Boland"!

Visit Hatboro Online  at Hatboro, Pennsylvania.


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Philly Burbs Newspaper Article


Frank Crispo and his wife Judy were interviewed by the Intelligencer Newspaper (Philly Burbs) about Frank's Clean Up and Trash Removal Service and the things he finds. The article is as follows...........


He Knows How To Pick'em: Waste-Hauling is one sweet song for a mega-recycling couple from Horsham, Pennsylvania. 

Published by Gwen Shrift, Saturday, January 07, 2012


 Click on Photo


   The newspaper article begins as follows.....


   When you're living in the Heartbreak Hotel, right in the middle of

   D-I-V-O-R-C-E, the last thing you want is 200 pounds of trash and

   we don't mean your estranged spouse.


   No woman wants to stand by her ex-man's garden ornaments.

   No man wants to cry a river into towels the old ball and chain

   bought for the love shack once she's gone......>> Read More!



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Montgomery Newspaper Article

Age Has No Season                 


Putting a Little Rock 'n' Roll into Retirememt

Published: Monday, October 15, 2012 by Eric Devlin

Photo by Judy Crispo 2012

  Click on Photo to See the 

  Actual Newspaper Article


They say that age is just a number and for Frank Crispo  that couldn't be more true. The 74-year old lead singer of Frank Crispo  the Country Picker and the "Senior Power Band"  introduced himself with a vice grip of a hand- shake and then broke a piece of concrete with a sledgehammer outside of his garage to showcase the feats of his strength.



Frank and Judy Say Good-by to Her Little Sister....Ruth      


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Ruthie and Judy

Judy's little sister (Ruth) and her husband Tony moved away to Florida and they are missed very much. The four of us always had such a good time together. Ruth and I really did share some very special moments together before she moved  to Florida. Ruth and Tony are working very hard at their new business and they are doing really Great! Good luck to you guys! For more info: go to Facebook......>> Click Here! Frank and I really do miss the two of you. Take care, be well and much love to you both.


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Frank's Grandaughter Gets Married

Posted by Judy Crispo - 08/25/2013

Congratulations Kirsten & Chris 

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Frank Crispo and his wife Judy are so very happy and proud to announce that grandaughter Kirsten Crispo was married on August 23, 2013 to Christopher Puzinas. The happy couple have been together for several years and just knew they were meant for each other. (Soul Mates)! The family knew it too! Chris is a wonderful upstanding young man and we all love him. It was a beautiful day and a wonderful wedding celebration. Kirsten is now Mrs. Kirsten Puzinas. Kirsten is the oldest daughter of Frank's son Frank The Third and his lovely wife Patty. We wish the happy couple much love and a wonderful life together as they venture through their many years of happiness. May God Bless you!



Frank and Judy Crispo are so happy to announce that they have now become Great Grandparents for the very first time. Yes, Kirsten and Chris have had their first bundle of joy on May 1st, 2016. They named him Benjamin. How about that? Needles to say, the entire family is so excited. Best wishes to the happy parents! We Love You!



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Old Dancers

We Love The Country Picker!!




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